Five summer grooming tips for men

Five summer grooming tips for men

 If your skin and hair needs a little bit of TLC by the time summer comes around, you’re not alone. Winter can be harsh on skin and it’s not unusual to experience dryness or dehydration when the temperature drops.  

This is largely due to the low humidity we experience during winter. When humidity drops, the air draws moisture from anything around it, including our hair and skin. If this moisture isn’t replenished, our hair may dry out, become brittle and break, and our skin may become dry, flaky and sensitive. 

 As we move into summer, you may want to ramp up your daily grooming regime to ensure you replenish the moisture lost during winter and prepare your skin and facial hair to better survive the heat.

Here are five grooming tips to ensure you look your best this summer:

Cleanse twice a day

Cleansing is an essential part of your daily grooming routine, especially during summer. Your face and beard may get sweaty during the day, so ensure you always wash your face thoroughly before bed and when you wake up in the morning to ensure you remove oil and impurities. Skipping this crucial step may lead to breakouts and blackheads. FINO MAN Gel Face and Beard Wash (R79.99) gently removes daily impurities and promotes soft and moisturised skin whilst protecting against ingrown hair and bumps. It is soap-free and has a light gel texture that gently yet thoroughly cleanses the skin and beard.

Consider growing a beard

Did you know that beards protect skin from harmful UV rays? Studies have shown that that beards act like physical barriers between your skin and the sun, meaning you’re protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays (but don’t forget to apply SPF to the rest of your face though!). They also have the ability to keep you cool and protect your skin from the harsh effects of wind (think Cape Town’s South Easter!). Plus, a lot of women find beards very attractive (and who can blame them?!). 

Moisturise with an oil

Oils are not just for winter – they have the ability to moisturise skin and hair all year long. Did you know that some beard oils are not just super moisturising for facial hair, but they also moisturise the skin beneath the beard? Apply a good quality beard oil to your facial hair twice a day for maximum moisturising benefits. Try FINO Beard Oil (R139.00). This multipurpose product is a blend of non-greasy natural carrier oils and healing essential oils that nourish and moisturise the beard as well as the skin underneath. It can be used daily for a softer and more manageable beard, and it also makes the perfect shaving oil, plus it protects against dry and flaky skin under the beard.

 Keep bumps under control

Whether you’re going bare and shaving regularly, or just shaping your facial hair to keep it neat and tidy, chances are you may experience some razor bumps and discomfort from time to time. FINO Bump Control (R76.99) is a low-irritant, dermatologically-tested rescue serum that reduces the appearance of razor bumps. This handy pump bottle contains a blend of natural tea tree oil, astringents and moisturisers that leave skin feeling smooth, looking good and healthy. It is easy to apply and can be used on the beard area and head after wet or dry shaving.

 Don’t fall victim to ingrown hair

No matter what your hair or skin type, anyone can get ingrown hairs. While these can be painful, itchy and unsightly, they may also become more serious if not treated. They may lead to bacterial infections, scars and hyperpigmentation. To avoid ingrown hair, try FINO Soothe MAN (R61.99). This non-irritant, dermatologically-tested handy balm helps combat ingrown hair, razor bumps and burn after shaving. It is quickly absorbed and moisturizing and also relieves the irritation and redness while reducing itchiness associated with new hair growth. A synergistic blend of vitamin A and fruit enzymes exfoliate, moisturise and purify the skin, preventing infections.

 FINO products are suitable for use on all skin types and skin tones and are proudly manufactured in South Africa.

 However you plan on styling your facial hair this summer, we recommend FINO’s comprehensive grooming range to keep your beard, stubble and skin healthy, clean and soft.