FINO Coscmetics - Press Release

FINO Coscmetics - Press Release

 Introducing FINO Cosmetics: Men’s grooming solutions for all skin types

This South African born men’s grooming brand is ready to meet the American market

 FINO Cosmetics offers a range of quality beard and skincare products for men of all skin types and tones, including sensitive. Suitable for professional and home use.

 Established in South Africa in 2001, this solutions-driven grooming brand was designed by professional makeup artist Adrienne Cohen. One of the most common challenges Cohen faced while working on film sets and shoots was post hair removal irritation. With no viable solution on the market, Cohen enlisted the help of a top cosmetics scientist to develop FINO Soothe, an effective formula that helps put an end to post hair removal problems including ingrown hair, bumps, dry skin, redness, itchiness and other skin irritations.  

 FINO Soothe quickly became a hit on set, and today, more than 20 years later, it is used on film shoots in South Africa and Australia. Before long it entered the retail market, and has become a popular product among grooming and skincare professionals, beauty and grooming editors, barbers and makeup artists as well as consumers.

 Building on the success of the hero product FINO Soothe, FINO Cosmetics has evolved into a complete skincare range that is ethically conscious and uses sustainable ingredients where ever possible. The range is available for purchase online and in major retailers in South Africa, including Clicks, Dis-Chem and Pick ‘n Pay.

 The range comprises grooming products suitable for men of all skin types and skin tones. Every product in the range offers multiple benefits and together they work synergistically to help promote healthy skin and combat skin concerns associated with hair removal. The formulations consist of a variety of natural and naturally-derived ingredients, including essential oils, herbal extracts and synergistic beneficial blends known for their skin-loving benefits and effectiveness.

 The range consists of the following hard-working products:

FINO MAN Face & Beard Wash 125ml

Infused with essential oils, this soap-free multifunctional wash can be used to cleanse the face, beard and head. An all-in-one gel, it gently cleanses and protects the skin and beard from the harmful effects of pollution, daily irritants and bacteria. As with all FINO products, this gel wash helps to protect against the bumps and itchiness associated with beard growth.  

 FINO Soothe MAN 50ml

This unique, multifunctional balm is a mild exfoliator with antiseptic and calming properties derived from ingredients such as Vitamin A and Pineapple enzyme. With its non-greasy, drip-free formula, FINO Soothe can be applied to any part of the body, after wet or dry shaving or waxing, including the beard area, head, back of neck, chest, legs and underarms. This soothing balm helps relieve the dry, itchy skin associated with new hair growth, and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and revitalised. It helps combat ingrown hair, razor bumps and redness associated with hair removal. Dermatology tested, FINO Soothe MAN is suitable for all skin types, tones and is safe for sensitive skin.

 FINO MAN Bump Control 100ml

With antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, this hard-working serum rids skin of stubborn bumps and nasty ingrown hairs. It contains natural astringents, tea tree and willow bark to leave skin clear and healthy. Can be used on head, back of neck and beard.

 FINO MAN Beard Oil 50ml

This multifunctional non-greasy oil is infused with beneficial active essential oils. It can be used to groom, tame, moisturize and style your beard and is also an easy gliding shave oil. The formula protects and disinfects the beard, while hydrating and moisturizing the skin underneath, protecting it from dryness, itchiness and flakes.

 Having conquered the South African market, FINO is now ready to share their products with the men of the United States.

 Come meet our founder Adrienne Cohen at 2917.

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