FINO MAN - How to apply Beard Oil for beginners?

FINO MAN - How to apply Beard Oil for beginners?

How to apply beard oil for beginners

Step 1: Always start with a clean beard.

Before applying FINO MAN Beard Oil, always ensure your beard is clean, towel-dried but slightly damp (but not too wet or the beard oil won’t stick). Begin by using 3 – 6 drops, depending on the length of your beard to the palm of your hand. Sometimes less is more, until you familiarise yourself with the process, you will eventually get a good idea of how much you will need. Recommended you apply FINO MAN Beard Oil daily for best results.

Step 2: Apply to your skin first and then your beard.

Rub your hands together to spread the product evenly, then run them through the beard. First, you want to press the beard oil into the skin to ensure it moisturises your beard's roots and the surrounding skin.

Once you’ve applied to the roots and skin, start applying directly to the beard. Start with the sides of the beard and work your way down by moving your hands in a downward swipe motion. Brush your hands down the front in the same downward swipe motion. Then brush your hands upwards from the neck to get the bottom of the beard too.

Step 3: Finish with a comb

If you have a moustache, swipe your pointer fingers down the front a few times. To finish, use a comb to continue evenly distributing the product across the beard until soft and conditioned.